Messy Middle Group Coaching ❤️

Are you parenting a tween or young teen? 

It's fun, right? (wink, wink)

But seriously, we can make it so much less cringe-y.

Join this class to find out how...

10 Modules

Chores, Homework, and Practices...Oh My!

Why would I lump all of these subjects together? These seem pretty different, but in my coaching life, I find that parents tend to struggle around one main subject: forcing their kids to do either chores, homework, or practices...or all three.

This module isn't about changing the behaviors of your tween and young teen.

This module is about understanding what your messy middle is is what your tween needs most. 

Some of your young teens may need more boundaries and more rules; some of your tweens may need you to allow for some independence...which may mean failure.


We have hit upon some of the hottest tween and young teen topics, and maybe you feel ready...or maybe you feel like your head is spinning.

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