From Conflict to Cooperation: Understanding and Preventing Power Struggles with your Children

This class invites parents to come as you are. You don’t need to be well-read in parenting theory. You don’t need to be married or divorced or have many kids or be straight or be rich or be anything other than who you are right now. As long as you parent a child and you are struggling with said child? That works for me.

This class is for:

  • Anyone who identifies as a caregiver of children, ages 3 - 11. The children can have ADHD and anxiety and aggression, but any severe learning or emotional issues will not be best served by this class. Please contact me and I can help you find another resource.
  • Parents who have tried a variety of strategies, but everything has stopped working (if it ever worked at all).
  • Parents who believe in the power of connection and relationship (this class will not focus on how to punish your child into submission).
  • Parents who have a decent sense of humor, an open-mind, and are encouraging of others.
  • Parents who are ready to work.

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13 Modules

The Second part of the PLAN is SPECIAL TIME!

Let's learn about this simple, easy, and powerful tool. It will change your relationship with your child FAST!

The Final Part of your PLAN for Encouragement...SELF-CARE!

If you are going to encourage your family, you MUST MUST MUST take care of yourself!

But, Meghan! What about HITTING and TIME-OUT'S?

These two topics could be books all on their own, but let's take a brief look at them!


If you can believe this, you have learned the BEST TOOLS I KNOW for helping alleviate power struggles!

Bonus Material: Rest, Play, Tears!

Modules for this product 13

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