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From A to Zzzzs: How to Get Your Kids to Sleep

Sleep is a big deal. Trying to get your children to sleep enough, regularly, and without any drama can sometimes feel impossible. Trouble with bedtime is something that comes up for most parents at some point. I've gathered all my best advice for the most common roadblocks to getting your kids in bed, getting them to stay there, and getting them to actually sleep.

Family Meeting Challenge!

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10 Parenting Truths

For parents in this wild time of Coronavirus, it can feel like we are constantly being asked to be and do more, for work, for our families, for our kids' schooling. There is always more to do. So when it comes to parenting I want to help you make things as simple as possible. I've created this resource of 10 Parenting Truths to help you remember and focus on the things that are the most basic, fundamental truths about raising humans. My hope is that it will bring clarity to help you prioritize what is really important, and center you when it all feels out of control (and it will feel out of control, and that does not mean you are doing it wrong). We're all going through this together. Let us take it one day at a time, with soft hearts and firm boundaries.

Be well.

Parenting during Coronavirus - Videos

We are in a really intense time for parenting. You are working, teaching, and just trying to survive ALL THE TIME. To help you take one step at a time, and show up as your best parenting self as often as possible (ain't nobody doing it all day, every day!) I've recorded a few short videos with things you can do right now. 

Stay well.

Giving Choices vs. Giving Up Your Power

As parents, we know we need to give our kids the chance to make choices for themselves. But what happens when the option they choose is NOT the one we wanted or thought was acceptable? What does it mean when their behavior around these choices starts to get out of hand?

Watch this video of Meghan breaking down the "whys" and the "what to do next."

How We Spoil Our Children

Nobody wants to raise spoiled children. But it happens. What is it that parents do that causes their kid to act spoiled? What should we do instead?

Watch the video to find out!

The Only Parenting Advice You'll Ever Need - For Now

We've compiled Meghan's most popular columns from the Washington Post in one convenient place.

Diversity in Children's Books: An Interview with Mijha Butcher Godfrey of Jambo Books

How Much Tech for The Kids: An Interview with Julie Minor

Tina Bryson and Meghan Talk BABIES

Tina is the author of the new book "The Bottom Line for Baby," a science-plus-common sense driven manual, filled everything you need to know.

Tina and I discuss what parents really need do to, what can be left aside, and of course, we laugh.

Wheat Thins and STOP IT!

Use the password STOP and watch the video!

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