Drinking and Parenting Mini Course

This course is a check-in for parents. Drinking alcohol day or night can be par for the course in your life and may increase around special occasions. This could be fine and problem-free for you and your family, or it could...not. So I want to give you the opportunity to go into this season being intentional about your drinking habits and tendencies and how that is impacting your parenting and family life. 

This isn’t just for people who know they have a problem. It is not a time to shame and blame. It is just a time to pause, reflect, take a beat. I want you to take an honest snapshot of where are you in your parenting life with your drinking.

We're going to talk about the effects drinking can have on attachment and connection, and how that can look feel from the perspective of your children. You'll get guiding questions you can use to check in with yourself and next steps and resources for yourself once you take stock of your needs. 

3 Modules

Watch the video here

Please know: this is a video about connection with your children.

If you feel that alcohol is standing in your way and you need immediate help, please click here.

ALWAYS check in on your nervous system.

Love you. xoxo

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