The Whining Wind Down

Quiet the whining in your house and lower your blood pressure*! 

Listen. It's not just our kids who are whining! Join me for this four week mini course to change the tone in your family and tone down the whining. We'll look at why whining happens, what to do instead, and what's underneath the whining.

Come along with me and bring your partner, your kids, and your neighbor.  I have put together 4 steps to wind down the whining. You'll do one each week in the context of weekly family meetings. It's simple but effective and you can get the whole family involved.  Join us, it's gonna be great!

*Cannot guarantee actual medical results, but I'm pretty sure you'll feel a lot calmer.

4 Modules

Week 1: All the whiners raise your hands!

The first step is admitting you (all) have a problem.

Week 2: Replace the whining or shut up about it.

Okay, so you may be a chronic whiner. Now, what are you going to do about it?

Week 3: Just say what’s wrong.

Sometimes things suck. How can we be open and honest about that and still not fall into the pattern of whining?

Week 4: Celebrate!

Take a look at the progress over the last four weeks and pat each other on the back!

Even if it feels like the progress was small, celebrate it as a group and a team! 

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