Workshop: Weighing The Consequences: The Truth About Boundaries and Parenting

Weighing The Consequences: The Truth About Boundaries and Parenting

✓ This class is for everyone who works with, parents, or loves a child and may be struggling to hold boundaries and rules.

✓ You will learn the difference between punishments, consequences, and boundaries, and why using boundaries will provide both a feeling of safety and connection between you and the children.

✓ There is a downloadable worksheet for your own use.

🌟In this workshop, you will learn🌟

🚀 Punishments: 
The go-to response for many caregivers (as well as how many of us were raised), we will discuss what punishments are, aren't, and why they don't work.

💡 Consequences: 
The kinder cousin to punishments, consequences can be useful when used properly, but are often just a weak substitute for boundaries and can hurt your relationship with your child.

🌟 Boundaries: Values driven and about your behavior, boundaries are a more steady, kind, flexible, and strong form of love that help grow resilience without sacrificing your relationship with your child. 

By the end of this workshop, you will walk away feeling clear about the differences between punishments, consequences, and boundaries. The worksheet will guide you toward specific and actionable strategies and a well-defined plan.

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Downloadable Worksheet Here

You do NOT need this worksheet to learn a thing from the workshop; it is simply to support you in changing. 

Some people love a worksheet, some don't need it.

It's up to you. 😉

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 Weighing The Consequences: The Truth About Boundaries and Parenting
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