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Club Grow the Good (Meghan Leahy Parent Coach) is a community for parents of every type and stripe. You get:

  • 6-month of membership
  • 1 age-specific online parenting course with two group coaching calls 
  • Book club call last Tuesday of the month
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • Weekly "drop in" parenting chats - informal check-in’s & encouragement (Note: no calls in January or August)


  • Monthly Bonus Calls  - guest experts, authors, guided meditations, EFT Tapping sessions with Meghan the first Wednesday of each month.
  • Soft Heart, Strong Boundaries, a parenting companion workbook with exercises and prompts that will deepen your learning and give you actionable To-Dos.

This community is a place where you will find like-minded parents who are committed to fostering a compassionate and strong relationship with their kids.

This is a co-created space, which simply means that you are responsible for showing up and doing the work. In turn, I will listen to you and keep all the good stuff going...and on and on it goes.

I am so excited!



6 Modules


I'm giving you access to the Workbook I use with my private coaching clients here as well as the workbook that goes along with my book, Parenting Outside the Lines.

These pdfs are meant to give you space to work through these specific questions on paper. It's not required work, but they are meant to guide you through some important concepts.


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