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Build the connection you were meant to have with your child

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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I’m sick of fighting with my child all the time.
  • Punishments and rewards are no longer working and don’t feel good.
  • I am constantly reacting to my child. We go from one drama to the next.
  • My beloved child feels like a stranger to me.

If parenting feels lonely to you right now, you are not alone.

We live in challenging times, and parents and kids are struggling.

Maybe you and your partner don’t agree on how to help your kid. You may have read ALL the parenting books and none of them have done much good. You just want to learn how to trust your own parenting instincts again and reconnect to your child.

You CAN grow and cultivate an easier, more peaceful relationship with your child starting TODAY, and get long-term support and encouragement so that those changes LAST.

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Club Grow the Good

It’s Classes + Calls + Community = Connection

Club Grow The Good is a 6-month membership program with access to an age-specific online parenting course, group coaching calls, monthly book talks, and access to a private online community.

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Why a membership program?

For over a decade, I have been supporting parents through my online courses and 1:1 coaching. And it works! I’ve helped hundreds of parents work through mundane problems and massive hurdles. They are more confident, calm, and—dare I say —happier.

But many of us are still missing real community. And we know that changing our behavior and family dynamics is hard work. It’s not a once and done project and it really sucks to do it alone.

We often benefit from multiple voices and points of view for differing needs; and your parenting needs to evolve over time in a way that’s right for you and your child. Having community support is one of the best tools for making lasting changes.

Introducing Club Grow the Good

6-month membership

1 age-specific online parenting course with two group coaching calls

Book club call last Tuesday of the month

Private Facebook Group

Weekly "drop in" parenting chats - informal check-in’s & encouragement (Note: no calls in January or August)


  • Monthly Bonus Calls - guest experts, authors, guided meditations, EFT Tapping sessions with Meghan the first Wednesday of each month.
  • Soft Heart, Strong Boundaries. Meghan’s Parenting companion workbook with exercises and prompts that will deepen your learning and give you actionable To-Dos.

Price: $149/ month

With a commitment to remain in the Club for six months.

How Do I Join The Club?

  • It is so easy. You choose which class you would like to join (Conflict to Cooperation for parents of children 10 and under; Messy Middle for parents of tweens and young teens) and sign up.
  • You are then part of Club Grow the Good!
  • You have access to ALL of the Drop-In Calls, Book Club Zooms, all of the fun conversations and challenges in the FB group, as well as Zoom calls to specifically support the class you choose.
  • When your six months are over, you will have the option to stay on for the extra support that all parents need on a month to month basis. You can opt-out at the end of the 6 months, or cancel the monthly membership at any time (after the initial 6 months). The choice is yours.

Customize your experience based on the age of your child:

For parents of children age 10 and younger

From Conflict to Cooperation:
Understanding and Preventing Power Struggles with your Children

What happens in the online class? Using my TARGET approach, you will learn:

  • Why the theory of connection with our children is the key to parenting
  • How to assess your challenges with your child in a way that creates clarity
  • How our specific reactions are affecting our parenting
  • How to create a parenting gameplan, using your data and the best techniques
  • And how to Take It Away and implement in your family

Specifically for young children, you will learn:

  • How to understand power struggles and how to diffuse them
  • Why crying is okay and important
  • The best techniques for creating cooperation (such as family meetings and special time)
  • Why rewards and praise don’t work all that well (for many children)
  • Why boundaries are a form of love and connection
  • Why punishments don’t work (or most chore charts, for that matter)
  • Why listening and questioning your own intuition is your best bet.

All information in Conflict to Cooperation is formulated specifically for parents to understand and grow their relationships with their children all while creating peace, happiness, and fun in your home.

You’ll walk away with...

  • New tools in your parenting toolbox.
  • Insight into your relationship with your child, and how to better connect to them.
  • Confidence in your parenting decisions.
  • And a more positive outlook about your family and your future!

Voted best overall parenting class for 2022 by

For parents of tweens and young teens

Parenting in the Messy Middle:
Understanding Yourself in the Tween and Young Teen Years

After working with hundreds of parents of tweens and young teens, I have seen a pattern emerge. The pendulum tends to swing dramatically from too controlling to throwing up our hands and giving up. In either case, we feel out of control AND our tweens need us to stay steady.

So, I created a course to steady us. (And I mean US, I am in this, too). By assessing how we feel about complicated tween topics first, we can then develop a game plan to parent our tweens through this fraught (and great!) time of their lives.

If we suppress how we feel about tough tween topics, my experience has taught me that we are likely to react rather than respond, hurting our relationships with our tweens when they often need us most.

What happens in the online class? Using my TARGET approach, you will learn:

  • Why the theory of connection with our children is the key to parenting
  • How to assess your challenges with your child in a way that creates clarity
  • How our specific reactions are affecting our parenting
  • How to create a parenting gameplan, using your data and the best techniques
  • And how to Take It Away.

Specifically for parents of tweens and young teens, you will learn how you feel about topics such as:

  • Sex and sexuality
  • Technology (gaming and social media)
  • Homework
  • Friendships
  • Chores
  • Independence
  • And more…

You will also have worksheets to better understand your buttons, as well as how to co-create solutions with your tween on any topic you can imagine.

You will be able to start applying the things you learn to your parenting life RIGHT AWAY!

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So, wait! The online class is part of the Club?

Yes. The only way to sign up for the class is to join the Club.

This is where the community aspect comes in! Within the Club you get the theory, exercises, and worksheets, as well as LIVE Zooms to bring the theory to life, and finally, the FB group where we can show up to support and encourage each other on this parenting journey.

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What do I get when I sign up?

6-month membership

1 age-specific online parenting course with two group coaching calls

Book club call last Tuesday of the month

Private Facebook Group

Weekly "drop in" parenting chats - informal check-in’s & encouragement (Note: no calls in January or August)

Price: $149/ month

With a commitment to stay in the Club for six months.

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Who is this class for?
Any parent, grandparent, nanny, or caregiver who has a child.
Can my spouse or partner join me?
Absolutely! I strongly recommend that any partner who would like to take the class and hop on the Zoom group calls should not hesitate. So, think of that… this is like a BOGO for parenting support! (caveat: your partner will have to purchase the membership if they want to have their own login).
How do I know if this is right for me and my child?
I trust that you as a parent are the expert on your child. The material and the focus of this class is on connecting with your child, which every child needs. If you are uncertain about this fit, please reach out to us at
What if I already bought one of the courses?
While we are so grateful for your previous purchase, we are not offering any discounts for previous students.
Will this class fix my parenting problems?
No. I don’t believe that you or your child is broken, hence there is no need to fix anyone. I concentrate on how we understand ourselves and how that understanding either encourages or discourages our relationship with our child. Every human is complicated; this course seeks to address larger theories and issues in parenting. If you believe that you or your child is depressed, anxious, or suicidal, please reach out to your pediatrician or this hotline. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK). If there are other substance abuse or mental health issues, please contact SAMHSA at 1-800-662-HELP (4357). I also recommend that, when in doubt, every parent seek the advice of a trusted pediatrician. This class is not meant to be therapy nor does it provide diagnoses.
Are there refunds available?
No, all purchases are final, as all material is available immediately. No refunds or cancellations are possible. If you cannot commit to 6 months, please do not sign up. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at
What if I need private coaching during the program?
Wonderful! You can sign up here to get additional 1:1 coaching with Meghan. Doing coaching along with this program will make it all the more enriching.
What is the pacing of the class?
The first module opens as soon as you sign up, after that new modules open up when you finish the previous module.
When are all the calls?
You can find our call calendar here. Take a look and see if that schedule works for you.
Do I have to have actually read the book to come to the book club?
No! I can guarantee that you will learn from a spirited and fun conversation! And the call will be recorded, so feel free to listen while you walk the dog or drive carpool.
Is everything recorded?
No. Drop in calls are not recorded. Group coaching calls, Bonus calls and Book Club calls ARE recorded and will be uploaded to MemberVault (our course platform).
Why aren’t you recording the Drop-In Calls?
Simply put, I want people to feel free to be honest and open, and that happens more easily when the call is live and unrecorded. It will be my priority to be there; I want it to be yours, too.
Will I automatically stay in the Club after my six months are up?
Yes. Once your six months are up, you will get a reminder email to reach out to us at if you'd like to cancel your membership. If you do not reach out to us to cancel, you will remain enrolled in the Club with monthly payments of $149. After the first six months, you can reach out to cancel at anytime. When you cancel, you will be removed from all the Club and online course content.
I hate Facebook, why is the group there?
Friend, I hear you. I hate it, too. And for now, it seems to be the simplest option for most parents. If you attend the book clubs, drop-ins and Zoom calls, you will feel part of the Club! AND I suggest hopping over to the FB group to get even more support.
Will Meghan be active in the Facebook Group?
This is meant to be a place for parents to gather. Meghan and her team will occasionally pop in, but the best way to connect with Meghan is to attend the Zooms.
Will I always be in the Facebook Group?
We will not be removing anyone from the Facebook Group for the foreseeable future. You can remove yourself at any point.
Will I be able to access the classes after the 6 months?
Your access to the course materials, and all the group Zooms will be removed after your six month membership ends UNLESS you continue with the month-to-month program (we will send you emails about how to do this).
Where do I find everything pertaining to Club Grow the Good?
It is all in your Club Grow the Good MemberVault Hub. All the links, all the info, everything. Any time you feel lost, go there. And you can always contact my team!
What is your stance on DEI?
While I believe that the theories of connection are universal for every caretaker and child, systems of oppression, silencing of voices, and the centering of white parenting are important issues to face honestly. I have had both courses read by a DEI professional (and we worked together to make it better), and I fully acknowledge that I will still get it wrong. If there is anything that you may read or see that you feel is insensitive or objectionable, I always welcome a thoughtful conversation.
What about trauma?
I have been trained as a trauma-informed coach, and all of the Zooms and Drop-In’s will be trauma-sensitive. There is no direct coaching or therapy on someone’s trauma in the Club. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out.
I really want to do this, but I can’t do it right now. When does the Club open again?
We've decided to leave the Club open permanently. There will occasionally be some extra emails to my list to invite more folks to sign up, but you can sign up at any time.
If I am in the six month membership or in the month to month program do I get access to all the Zoom calls?
Yes. You get access to all the Zoom calls if you are in either the six month program or if you have moved on to the month-to-month option.
Can I just do the month to month program and skip the 6 month membership?
No. You must do the six month program first before you are eligible for month to month membership. 
I still feel confused or I have questions not listed here. Who do I talk to?
Please reach out to us at
Join the Club Here!

Here’s what parents are saying...

“[This class] makes motherhood feel so much less lonely. It takes a village and this is my village.” 

- Jen G., Mother of 2
“This class has changed the ways I approach conflicts with my children. It’s also changed how I view their reactions to life. Both have resulted in more peace, a happier family, and healthier children (and parents).”
“Meghan has completely changed the way I parent. Focusing on connecting and building trust while maintaining boundaries is so much more effective and, frankly, fun than yelling all the time! I’m also so grateful for the way she builds social justice and empathy into her practice and teaching. #gamechanger”

- Margery S., Mother of 3
“If I could convince every parent to use Meghan Leahy, I would. Her smart, savvy and non-judgmental approach helped us tackle issues — big and small — we’d been struggling with for years. We’re better parents today thanks to her.”
“Meghan’s class has changed my parenting and my relationships (including with myself) for the better!”

- Sara T., Mother of 1
“Meghan is awesome because she takes all this brain-based parenting stuff that most of us did not grow up with and that is not particularly intuitive and makes it APPROACHABLE and ACHIEVABLE in a way that other teachers or books had not been for me.“
“Meghan’s class has some of the most helpful and practical information out there on how to better connect with your child so you both can do better. It’s worth its cost and then some. Truly!”
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Meghan Leahy

I am a certified parent coach, a parenting columnist for The Washington Post, and author of Parenting Outside the Lines. Most importantly, I am a mother to three children, extreme lover of reality TV and a makeup artist. I have been working with families as a teacher, counselor, and parent coach since 1998.

Learn more about Meghan Leahy here.

Gwen Castleberry

I am an Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant and have been working with Meghan since 2013. I manage the Operations part of ML Parent Coach, and while I am not a parenting expert, working alongside Meghan has allowed me to learn and grow in my role as a parent. I love being able to support other parents by being a part of Meghan’s work. I live in South Carolina with my husband, two young children, and our two dogs.

Ashley Suksiriwong

I am a Virtual Assistant with over 14 years of customer service experience. I live in FL with my husband, and daughter. I have been proud member of Meghan's team since June 2021. I love being able to help Meghan, Gwen, and other parents any way I can.

Sue Campbell

Copywriter and Marketing Strategist

Sue has helped hundreds of writers, from newbies to bestsellers, transform their inhibitive mindset around marketing and realize their full potential as authors. Her clients have exponentially increased their email lists and book sales, landed articles in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, done guest spots on popular podcasts and more.

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